At EarthKosher, we understand that our clients are running a business so we make sure to keep costs affordable. For this reason, we don’t charge an application fee nor do we charge for our initial quote and analysis. EarthKosher also offers the following additional cost savings to our clients:

  • We never link our Kosher certification fee to your company’s sales.
  • We never charge a Kosher certification fee per product.
  • We provide discounted rates for Kosher certification often ranging from 20%-150% lower than other Kosher certification agencies. (Yes, that is not a typo!)
  • We offer a flat and transparent Kosher certification rate where your company knows when it signs the contract exactly what it will cost for Kosher certification.
  • For qualifying company’s we offer flexible payment plans to make Kosher certification sustainable.
  • We offer our Kosher certification clients the option to fix our low rates for up to 3 years. This provides a company with a sense of stability as far as budgeting for annual kosher certification fees.

What are the factors which determine the cost of the annual Kosher certification fee?

The short answer to this question is:

  • The location of your manufacturing and packaging facilities.
  • Whether you have a dedicated facility for the production of these products or employ a contract manufacturer.
  • The ingredients and processing aids used in your products.
  • The production processes by which your products are made.

The reason we offer a free quote and analysis is that these factors are very unique for each company and Kosher laws are quite detailed and complicated in their understanding and application. It is best to provide an analysis for each company based on its individual circumstances. We will answer any questions your company has and our rabbis are highly knowledgeable, experienced and friendly.

Why choose EarthKosher?

Other Certifications

For prospective clients who are considering our affordable Kosher certification services, we also offer additional certifications.

This, we have found, serves our clients in being cost effective and further simplifies our clients operations by reducing the certification agencies they need to maintain communication with.

EarthKosher offers the following additional certifications:

Vegan Certification

Paleo Certification


For more information about the relevant standards and pricing of our joint Kosher certification programs, kindly contact us or call 888-312-3559.

8 Red Flags in Kosher Certification

  • Never pay an Application Fee. Any Kosher Certification agency that charges an Application Fee you can be rest assured that they are going to be at the very expensive end of the pricing spectrum.
  • Ask for a free and reliable Quote in writing prior to paying for an Initial Inspection unless an explanation is convincingly provided as to why this is not possible. In our experience an initial inspection is generally not necessary to provide a reliable quote.
  • Avoid Fee Structures that are based on a Bill Per Inspection model. The issue with the Bill Per Inspection Model is it generally leaves uncertain to the client how many inspections will be conducted annually and exactly at what cost per inspection. Consequently, in this Bill Per Inspection model a company never really knows what they are paying for Kosher certification annually. Beyond that, this model also can lead to resentment between a client and a Kosher Certification agency as the company comes to associate an inspection with a bill and the company may not appreciate why so many inspections are necessary as the bills accumulate in addition to their paying an annual fee on top of these.
  • Avoid signing with a Kosher Certification agency that is not widely accepted. The whole point of getting Kosher certified is so that Kosher consumers will in practice buy your products because they are Kosher certified by an agency they accept.
  • Negotiate for a Contract that defines what you are paying for the next 3 years if you choose to renew. Consider for example, what would be the financial impact of a significant fee hike post year 1 of the contract, this after you printed 3 years of labels with a federally trademarked Kosher symbol on them that you are required by contract to remove if you terminate the relationship? If this doesn’t sound like a strong negotiating position it’s because it definitely is not one.
  • Avoid signing with a Kosher certification agency that does not appear to have fully entered the 21st Century. As well, do not sign with a solo practitioner Rabbi whom Kosher certification is just something the Rabbi does on the side amidst numerous other demanding rabbinical responsibilities. In both situations you will likely be disappointed by the ongoing need for responsive customer support that they simply are not in a position to provide. When you need a new ingredient, supplier or product approved or there is a scheduling or production crisis, when you need to add a new facility, or when an important customer has a question or when you need your Kosher certificate amended or renewed their ability to respond in a timely manner will be highly compromised.
  • If you have sticker shock from what you are being quoted for Kosher certification it’s a good working assumption to operate on that you can get a good Kosher certification for much less. We are happy to provide a comparative quote and can explain in detail what goes into determining the quote and what is a fair price.
  • If the Kosher certifier is not very responsive or easy to work at the outset assume things will get worse not better once you have signed with them.

EarthKosher is committed to helping companies determine the viability of a kosher certification program at no cost, in light speed, and with utmost respect for your confidentiality.