7 Step Kosher Certification Process

EarthKosher’s 7 Step Certification Process

At EarthKosher we generally employ a 7 Step Kosher Certification Process:

kosher certification with Earth Kosher's 7 step processStep 1 – Determine the viability of a Kosher certification program through gathering information.

Step 2 – Provide a free quote and analysis of what Kosher certification will cost & involve.

Step 3 – Complete the documentation process of ingredients, verifying their qualification for Kosher certification.

Step 4 – Kosher certification contract review and approval Step 5 – On- site Inspection and verification, in order to complete the Kosher certification process.

Step 6 – Payment to our Kosher certification organization for Kosher certification

Step 7 – Obtain Kosher certificate and EarthKosher Kosher Symbol as the completion of the Kosher certification process

As mentioned in the page, “Determine Your Company’s Kosher Viability,” there are situations where we require that a Feasibility study be conducted. This happens prior to us offering a concrete quote for Kosher certification. In these cases this would be part of Step 1. There are also situations where equipment needs to be “Kosherized” in order to make a Kosher certification program viable, this falls under Step 5. There are also limited instances where we are required to supervise each Kosher certified production. In this case, these supervised runs are coordinated with the company and/or contract manufacturer and is part of the ongoing Kosher certification program. Throughout the year, on a company by company basis, we conduct inspections. These inspections are unannounced and generally last an hour on average. We do not disclose how many inspections are conducted throughout the contractual year. However, given that our Kosher certification organization does not bill per inspection, but rather offers a flat annual rate for Kosher certification, this is not something our customers seem to take as a concern. Upholding the laws of kashrut are important to us and this is one of the ways we are able to make sure that the companies we provide kosher certification to sustain these practices year round.

What Kosher Inspections Focus On

Kosher inspections are generally concerned with the following:

  • Verifying that the ingredients and suppliers that your company may use to make your product have been approved as kosher and are being maintained in kosher certified products. This means that ingredients are not being substituted with non-approved ingredients and suppliers remain approved, so your company’s kosher certification isn’t compromised.
  • Preserving documented kosher certificates on the approved ingredient list are being maintained with a “current” status, so your company’s kosher certification status remains in good standing.
  • Making sure that equipment, on which kosher certified products are processed as part of your company’s kosher certification, has not been compromised by the introduction of non-kosher food agents or processing aids.
  • Maintaining that kosher symbols are being applied to only kosher-approved products and are being applied with their correct designations. For example, we make sure dairy, parve and meat products are labeled with the correct kosher symbol.
  • Verifying that no changes in the facility, as a whole, have been established that may compromise the kosher certification program.

This is what one client had to say:

“Earth Kosher provides quality customer service that combines professional people, technology and service processes that are focused on adding value to customers.” Ivonne Curiel Celanese Ltd Manufacturing Quality Assurance Coordinator

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