What Our Customers Say

“If you ever decide to pursue Kosher Certification, I HIGHLY recommend EarthKosher. They are really remarkable—a great team and super responsive. I honestly don’t think any other Kosher certification organization could come close.”

~ Nina Luttinger, New Products, Tcho Chocolates

In one phone call, I had all the information I needed! They made it so easy and more importantly, affordable.

~ Lisa Auerbach, Loft Liquors

I am impressed with their compassion for new businesses, and their constant communication and feedback.

~ Audrey Darrow, EarthSource Organics

EarthKosher is a Trusted Agency

EarthKosher is the best agency and we think you’ll agree. When companies use our kosher certification, they get more than just a certification, they get a relationship with knowledgeable, informative Rabbis who are dedicated to helping businesses obtain their kosher certification. EarthKosher offers thorough services with our 7-step Kosher certification process. Through this process, companies are offered supervision and follow-up inspections to ensure a comprehensive process, as well as a continuing investment.  We provide customized certification and are ultra-responsive to your company’s needs. At EarthKosher, we also make the process understandable and attainable.

About EarthKosher

EarthKosher specializes in natural, organic, and specialty products. We are an “Orthodox” Kosher certification agency, led by our Founder & CEO, Rabbi Zachary Goldman. Rabbi Goldman opened our agency with the vision to offer affordable and acceptable certification, including an absolute commitment to straightforward business practices, compassion for small businesses, and specialization in the natural products industry. EarthKosher’s Rav Hamachshir (Senior Kashrus Administrator), Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech, is considered the foremost authority on the integration of all aspects of modern food technology with Kosher requirements. He has also served for over twenty years in administrative and field positions in all aspects of Kosher certification. Rabbi Blech has a well-established reputation for being a leading expert in modern Kosher food production and technology.

Some things are not too good to be true. This is the EarthKosher Difference.